The myth of Earth overpopulation is one ofnumerous frauds of world government

There are too many myths in our world: if you think about it, then you and I
We live in a completely invented phantasmagoria, and no
reality. After all, if you dig a little deeper, it turns out that the whole
world history is a terrible tale, a sheer lie.

The main myth of the XX-XXI centuries – flights into space, in which, as
say conspiracy, no one ever flew. About it in the open
Today even ufologists began to declare, for example, Scott Waring the other day
drew the attention of the Internet user to the fact that the ISS is
a toy whose hatches in the wind slam like cardboard covers –
about which space station orbiting the earth in this case can
are we talking?

We don’t even know if our planet is round or flat (and
Is this a planet at all?), read the evidence, for example,
supporters of a flat earth – they are more than convincing. No less
convincingly prove their vision of the world and supporters of the matrix, then
there is that our whole life is just a virtual reality
practically a huge supercomputer program, a kind of “fun”
a game in which we are all pawns.

But even if you do not believe in a flat Earth and matrix, then in the world
the lies, the Illuminati (world government, puppeteers
and so on) for the sake of enslaving the majority of the population of the Earth, in order
turn them into obedient slaves, quite believe it. From here and
rewritten history, especially of Russia (Tartaria), which is always
prevented the establishment of world domination of a handful of villains. From here and
the greatest lie about the overpopulation of the globe that supposedly threatens
poverty and hunger for every earthling.

Thanks to the theory of Earth overpopulation, it is easy to arrange any kind of
muck, meanness and crime, ranging from propaganda
the need for abortion (killing their children) and ending with the world
wars. Just think about it! In the XIX century on Earth was officially
registered only about a billion inhabitants. Where from century with
small in two world wars, car accidents
(worse than all wars), AIDS, cancer, continuous heart diseases
and so on, which became the scourge of the modern world, with the mass
air and water pollution, food poisoning (chemicals and other
filthy – natural is long gone) on the planet suddenly a mythical
did another six and a half billion people appear?

How did we believe in this lie? It turns out everything is very
simple: one of the main talents of the Illuminati was and remains
the ability to manipulate people’s minds, and, as he said,
Hitler, the more impudent and shameless lie – the easier it is to believe in it
people. For example, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “President”, a scholar and
writer Andrei Alexandrovich Tyunyaev more than once convincingly
argued that the United States does not have and never had nuclear weapons, but
dropped allegedly on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic
bombs are nothing more than manipulating the public mind (we are
the Tatar-Mongol yoke in Russia also believe, and this is the same myth as
and American nuclear weapons, as well as other wretched lies of ours

So the overpopulation of our planet is another very big one.
a lie one of the many deceptions from the world
government. Look about this next (not the first)
documentary and try to believe at least that
human consciousness is so easy to manipulate …

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