The mythical American super-weapon “TR-3BAstra “hit the DVR camera

Ufologists claim that the legendary American aircraft “TR-3B
Astra “hit the lens of the DVR camera. Is it you on the photo
You can see the mysterious triangular object with three lights,
flying through the dark sky.

It is known that the record was received on January 26 of this year,
approximately at 17:30 pm, however the place where it was accidentally
sealed the mythical super-weapon of the US Air Force remains a mystery. By
According to ufologists, an anonymous source sent them only a video file, not
providing it with some explanation. However, experts
turned out to be very happy and such a find.

Information about the “TR-3B Astra” is abundant on the Internet,
however, it is rather controversial. Believed to be
top secret military aircraft on nuclear fuel, and so
The airplane has no equal in the world. He, he says, flies on unprecedented
hypersonic speeds, can go out into space and become
invisible to any radar. It is suggested that
technologies for the construction of the aircraft were
borrowed by americans from aliens after roswell

Some experts argue that since the 1990s, the United States has been
24 such aircraft were produced, and the cost of each
exceeded a billion dollars. Despite the fact that there are many
TR-3B Astra photo and video, US military
the ranks still refuse to acknowledge the existence of these
futuristic aircraft.

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