The mythical radical experiment that allowedlook into the afterlife

You can find an amazing story on the World Wide Web, more
similar to the perfect example of online folklore. However, by
According to many web users, all this is absolute
true. We recommend not to take the events described below for
good coin, although who knows, maybe a certain amount of truth in
In this case, there is still, the more so that all sorts of mythical
eyewitness accounts and people who returned to our world after clinical
death, indirectly confirm all this …

So, in 1983, some deeply pious scholars decided to conduct
in a secret institution is a very radical experiment.
Researchers have suggested that a person deprived of all
feelings and ways to get a stimulus, will be able to sense the presence
the other world. According to the theory put forward, the ability to peek
the otherworldly reality is blocked by our senses, and
without them, the individual will receive such insight.

The only volunteer to participate in the experience was the lonely
an elderly man who said he had nothing to lose and he is ready
sacrifice yourself for the sake of such an important goal for science and religion.
The man had previously been taught to speak without hearing his own
voices, then the scientists performed the most complicated surgery,
separating the experimental brain from all nerve endings. Despite
that the individual remained alive, he now did not feel
the world.

This man has lost any vestibular sensations, has ceased
see, hear and touch, lost sense of taste, smell and pain.
In other words, the volunteer was completely alone with his
thoughts. He practically did not move, and the authors of the experiment were fed
he was cleaned after him, continuously monitored his condition. The man
described his feelings with inarticulate sentences and at first
behaved calmly enough, even expressing some enthusiasm.

After four days, the test subject unexpectedly reported that
unintelligible hissing voices appeared in his head. Researchers
reacted to such news with interest, although they did not deny that the speech
could go about developing mental disorder. Two passed
of the day, and our hero said that his late spouse spoke to him
and he could answer her. Experts have been intrigued yet
more, but finally they believed the subject only after
a couple more days.

The participant of the experiment stated that they spoke to him
deceased relatives of all scientists present. The man сообщал
personal information that only deceased loved ones could know
experimenters. Needless to say that curiosity
researchers then rose to heaven. However, soon the mental
the condition of the man began to deteriorate. According to the subject, his
visited more and more dead people whom he now not only heard
but also saw. The deceased appeared in the head of the unfortunate by the hundreds, then
thousands, shouted and interrupted each other, and then completely started
behave hostile.

Our hero stopped sleeping, and even potent
tranquilizers did not help him. Voices and images in the head reduced
he was mad, and the test subject began to pray to scientists for death. However,
The experimenters refused to do this because they considered that
very soon the man will establish contact with the other world. Later
for a while he really stopped crying, turned his head
sideways, turned his blind eyes directly on one of the scientists and quietly
uttered: “Everything, they let me in. Believe you never wanted
to know what is here. ” At the same moment life processes
unfortunate stopped …

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