The mythical skunk monkey again fell intocamera lens

Presented title picture you could meet
before, was made in 2000 by an unknown American woman in the county
Sarasota, Fla. Mysterious snapshot shows nightly
Agave thickets in which a creepy ape-like hides
being. The author of the image claimed that it was a major
an animal with a disgusting smell that immediately sped away.
A unique frame from the filing of journalists quickly became popular, and
криптозоологи пришли к выводу, что в camera lens женщины
hit the mythical skunk monkey.

The legendary skunk monkey has many other names:
swamp-palm man, swamp monkey, fetid monkey,
Florida Bigfoot, Louisiana Bigfoot, Maykkovaya Monkey (by
name of the river), bog sasvoch and so on. This cryptide
repeatedly noticed from the 60s of the last century in Florida,
North Carolina, Arkansas and Louisiana, although the largest number
reports of encounters with the mysterious monster still come from
Of florida Perhaps there lives a whole population of such animals.
Or, as supporters of the theory of parallel worlds say, it is here
there is a portal through which these mysterious creatures penetrate
our world.

Eyewitnesses describe the monster as a high humanoid
being covered with thick hair. Cryptid moves quickly on
hind legs and avoids people. Its name skunk monkey
Received because of the sickening smell, which, according to witnesses,
comes from her. Experts in the field of cryptozoology believe that
it is a defense mechanism that allows the beast to avoid potential
opponents. It is noteworthy that none of the known official
Primate science does not possess such a capacity that can indirectly
to serve as proof: a being out of this world. Science experts
build their guesses how and from whom it evolved

В camera lens американца снова попала скунсовая
a monkey

Now directly to the latest news. One of the users
famous entertainment and news site “Reddit” claims that
accidentally photographed the other day supposed
skunk monkey. American says he lives in the city
Kassadaga, Florida. A couple of evenings ago, he was returning home and
passed near a large pond around which mossy grow
trees The man clearly remembers how he felt then strange
stench, like the smell of spoiled meat. American not
He attached great importance to this and in between times photographed one
from the trees nearby. Why did he do it then, it is not clear to him
most …

When he later looked at the resulting picture, then with
surprised to notice in the branches of a tree a suspicious figure resembling
on the thin primate. The American immediately remembered the urban legends of
skunk monkey and hurried to share a mysterious snapshot with
World Wide Web users. The author of the photo suggests that this
in fact there may be a palm-swamp man about whom in
America has been spoken for more than half a century. At present
the happy owner of a unique photograph expects his frame
well-known cryptozoologists and other experts will comment on
areas of rare animals.

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