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Remember the proverb: a fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it. Probably,
therefore, so tenacious mythological characters – all sorts of spirits
fields, forests, rivers, lakes … However, the miners, for example, have them
who of us in childhood did not read out the Ural tales of Pavel Bazhov
about the Mistress of Copper Mountain (see video)? ..

But it turns out that Donbass miners have their own mythological
горный дух — Добрый Subin. Donbass miners do not just believe in him,
like in some kind of fairy character, they can tell about it
a lot of interesting things. Добрый Subin, судя по этим рассказам,
constantly helps miners by warning them about landslides in advance, and
then the rich coal circuit board will indicate, that’s why they called it – good.
Хотя нерадивых и ленивых Subin не любит и может даже наказать или
at least scare a little.

Among the miners here it is customary to respect this
spirit, to speak about him only kind words, most often
thank you, less often – with any request, to share lunch, well
and so on. And in Donetsk itself there is even a monument to the mountain spirit and
выпускается пиво «Добрый Subin».

It is difficult to assume that this may please the mythic spirit, but
but in reality it strengthens the trust in him of the miners themselves and
their loved ones, who every time, accompanying the miners under the ground,
надеются на помощь со стороны Доброго Subinа.

Одна из легенд о Добром Subinе

Согласно легенде, Добрый Subin появился на горных выработках
Donbass no later than the XIX century, although it is possible that the miners
knew about it from the very beginning of the development of coal here, then
there is from the XVIII century. What is this spirit and where does it come from, nobody
I really don’t know now, but there are some interesting ones.
stories related to him. We will tell you only one, the most
interesting and even instructive in many ways.

They say once an English businessman appeared in the Donbass
John James Hughes, who from somewhere heard about this rich in coal
region and came to Russia to improve their financial situation.
Here he organized the mines, built a metallurgical plant, near
which gradually grew the workers’ settlement Yuzovka – the future Donetsk.
But this, as they say, was already later, and first John for a long time
I could not feel the coal mine and even began to doubt the success
your enterprise.

But … once he was met in the field by a shepherd, a tall old man with
thick eyebrows and burning eyes. And the old man told him that
Coal in the local land is really a lot and that he will show the master,
where to find it. True, with one condition that Hughes will not be true
repair, offend workers and never break the ones marked on the map
boundaries. With this, the shepherd gave the Englishman a coal map.
deposits. From joy Yuz already danced on the spot, look – and
the old man’s gone.

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