The new collider will start working in science cityDubna already by 2020

This is a unique collider complex with a beautiful name.
�”Nika”, and run it by the scientists of the Moscow-based science city Dubna,
Russia’s largest nuclear research center
physicists, intend by 2020, that is, it is quite possible that
This project will start working in 2019, or even in 2018.

All this is the leadership of the Joint Institute for Nuclear
Research announced the other day – in the framework of summarizing the work in
the outgoing year. In the implementation of this large-scale project take
more than three hundred scientists from 32 countries have participated. According to plans
collider complex “Nika” will allow nuclear physicists to recreate
the unique state of matter before ours was formed
The universe as a result of the so-called big bang. Or, by
least understand how it all happened because today
many opponents of the well-known scenario of formation
infinite divine world.

It is noteworthy that from the moment when the first stone was laid in
the base of the collider complex, it has been just over a year,
that gives hope to scientists – the project will start working much earlier
scheduled deadline.

Along with the complex, the factory is also preparing for delivery.
superheavy elements, thanks to which in the near future
scientists of the science town of Moscow region will begin the synthesis of new elements
famous periodic table, which, of course, during its
there was no creation, but which the great Russian scientist foresaw. For
This creates a special cyclotron, the same unique and
most powerful, as well as the Nika collider complex. That’s what it says about
All this Academician of the Joint Institute Viktor Matveev:

The world is changing rapidly, and therefore the main black
modern man should be the desire and willingness to
new, unknown, sometimes almost fantastic. After all, if
the middle of last century, someone told about the computer and its
opportunities, he would never have believed it. And passed from that
time just a little more than half a century. But now the speed of the emergence of a new
have grown incredibly, and just imagine what awaits us,
let’s say in twenty, thirty, forty years? Spirit
captures …

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