The new ERI report for 2018-2019 is notpleases

To begin with, the Tokyo Research Institute
Daigaku Jishin Kenkyu-jo (ERI) at the end of last year prepared for
UN Closed Report Considering Possible Disasters
for humanity in 2017.

It was far from a theoretical work, but in fact
appeal warning to all governments of the world, however
no one paid him serious attention, although in this case
of many human victims and colossal material losses
due to natural disasters could have been avoided. Scares in that
the report that the events modeled in it were astounding
accurate for countries, regions of the Earth and the alleged cataclysms, although
slightly ahead of the actual occurrence and were somewhat

But this is not even the case, since, as they say, the train is already
gone. Today ERI employees have released a new report to all
the governments of the world, again closed, known of which became
only thanks to a source from the Nevada Seismological Laboratory
(More information about the ERI report can be found here –
Even one topic of this scientific work scares – “2018-2019 years –
the period of the destruction of humanity. “

Here are some excerpts from it:

Modeled by us seismic events for 2017
completely confirmed, even, unfortunately, surpassed

Sad events in mexico unfortunately for this
people are just beginning. Seismic activity in this region
will increase by how much, it is even difficult to assume, but,
judging by our previous forecasts, it is better to be safe than

The beginning of 2018 may well be the end
The Americas, and in 2018 not only
USA, and many countries, some of them will disappear completely from the face
Of the earth. That is why measures to save people and material values
need to take now.

In the period 2018-2019, hundreds of
earthquakes, many of them will be terrible, they will destroy
dozens of countries and will no longer kill millions – billions of people.
Humanity is likely to lose all of its technology and will
thrown into the stone age. The main task for him now is to survive.
Survive as a species …

As you can see, not very pessimistic forecasts, if not to say
more. Maybe again scare? But on the one hand, ERI forecasts for
this year has come true, even with some “over-fulfillment
plan, and on the other – as it became known, all employees of Daigaku
Jishin Kenkyu-jo is currently retired to stay in these
last months with family and loved ones …

Well, the Russian people have good sayings on this score:
�“Wait and see”, “God will not give out – the pig will not eat” and finally
�”Two deaths will not happen, but one still will not escape.” Here is
so, gentlemen, scientists!

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