The new NASA Mars Rover will be a real thought

The leadership of the US National Space Agency
plans to send his next rover to mars in july 2020
of the year.

The advanced robot is still in production and
technical improvements, however, NASA representatives try to
You can more often inform the world community about their progress.
It is already known that this rover will be a real work.
engineering art and will be to the eyeballs crammed with the most
innovative equipment.

The creation of the device involved in the specialists from California
company “Jet Propulsion Laboratory.” While the device is wearing
codename “Mars 2020”, but the developers intend
come up with a more friendly name for him in the future. Like his
predecessors, this rover will drive around on the surface of the Red
planets in search of extraterrestrial life, explore the atmosphere and soil,
fix various phenomena. Conspiracy theorists say that
The main task of the robot will be surveillance of Martians and aliens,
NASA has been aware of whose presence on Mars for a very long time, however
Americans are unlikely to confirm this officially.

�”Mars 2020″ has 23 different cameras, 9 of them will be
serve for engineering tasks, 7 for scientific tasks, and another 7 for
tracking the movement of the rover on the planet. So big
the number of “eyes” will allow the device to shoot panoramas incredibly
high resolution, fix everything suspicious on Mars,
study the soil in the smallest detail and discover any obstacles
on his way.

World ufologists must be looking forward to it.
moment when the US aeronautics agency starts
posting the first snapshots of this mission to the Network, since the quality
photos will be extremely high, and you can study them for a very long time.
Naive expectations, sighs conspiracy, NASA and now gets
pictures of much better quality than those that puts in
The network, not to mention retouching and other photo processing. Is it really
The new rover can change something in this regard? ..

The new Martian rover will also be equipped with X-ray
fluorescence spectrometer, microphone, ultraviolet
spectrometer, radar installation and many others
irreplaceable components. In addition, the appliance will be able to send
drone scout. �”Mars 2020″, among other things, will try
synthesize from carbon dioxide, which is in huge quantities
contained in the Martian atmosphere, oxygen. This is very important.
experiment because if it is lucky the chances of mankind
colonize the Red Planet in the near future
will increase.

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