The night guard captured the ghost onescalator

A night guard working in a supermarket in Portugal
claims to be confronted with mysticism during recent duty.
According to the man, at about half past two in the morning he went around
the building and suddenly noticed a bright human silhouette with dark
hair rising escalator.

Our hero shouted to a stranger or a stranger, but he wasn’t
paid attention. Surprised guard looked better before
than use a weapon according to the instructions, and noticed that the figure on
the transport ladder is a translucent shadow, a little like
on a living person. Frightened by this discovery, the Portuguese did not
decided to approach the mystical stranger and retreated.

A man works here recently. He later learned that this
the supermarket is considered to be an unkind place where periodically occurs
various devilry. That all of a sudden fire breaks out in
a department with toys, then a huge
a mold stain that simply cannot form in just one
night, what else is breathtaking. And all this often falls on
CCTV cameras, followed by the administration of the
institutions in perplexity throws up their hands …

Some employees and visitors to the store claim that
notice the peripheral vision of some people in remote corners
facilities, although upon careful consideration no one there
is found. Because of this, here and again, rumors about
ghosts inhabiting the supermarket. For this reason, the store
high staff turnover and especially night guards. That’s the current one
�”Hero”, faced with something unknown in a huge night
supermarket, already thinking about dismissal …

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