The ninth planet Nibiru – protection for the Earth

And although academic science denies the existence of the mysterious
Planet X, the conspiracy theorists already seem tired of bullying the earthlings
approaching our “blue ball”, which allegedly entails
unprecedented catastrophes for all life on Earth. However there is
and another look at this problem: the ninth planet of the Solar system
Nibiru is not a threat, but, on the contrary, protection for the Earth.

This is the idea expressed by Juliet Becker of Michigan

Why do we believe that Nibiru – certainly a destroyer. If a
such a planet exists, it can protect our Earth from
all kinds of space catastrophes.

Behind Pluto, as some astronomers believe, among which
can be called Konstantin Batygin, Mike Brown and some others
prominent explorers of space, really traceable
massive planet, which can be called Nibiru. She is
removed from our Luminary about 20 distances from the Sun
to Neptune, and therefore the year (full turn) lasts on it no less
twenty thousand years. That’s why telescopes can’t catch it,
and because scientists know about this mysterious cosmic body only from

However, the calculations – the thing is unreliable, so other astronomers
sure that there is no ninth planet in the SS, and the gravitational
the impact of supposedly Nibiru, which is fixed by sensitive
modern devices, it is the influence of smaller objects belt

Whether or not Nibiru is, of course, the main question is if
consider it in terms of today’s tension,
that Planet X is about to arrive and arrange a world catastrophe for us.
However, the theory of Juliet Becker for the first time allowed to see
for this problem from a completely different point of view. Indeed, and
why not believe that the ninth planet exists, but it,
like all other objects of the solar system, obeys
certain laws of stability and not destruction?

Moreover, if you still rely on the theory that in this
The universe is exclusively EVERYTHING with reason, including planets and
our Sun, you can destroy us without Nibiru, enough
Luminary simply release in the direction of the Earth a certain force
sunstroke. So get scared of the mysterious Planet X, I think
not worth it, because there is a much more dangerous opponent of ours
civilizations are the foolishness of earthlings themselves who are ready to destroy themselves in
any moment only from the ambitions of some high-ranking leaders,
principle – the same earthlings …

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