The notorious Black Monk of Pontefracthit the camera lens

Kyle Thompson, a member of the famous British group
the ghostbusters “Soul Reaper Paranormal” says that
experts recently visited the Checkerfield area in an English city
Pontefract. There, paranormal researchers were invited to
the house where, according to rumors, the ghost of the infamous
Black Monk from the 16th century. Ancient building on the street
East Drive has become the object of numerous horror stories after
In 2012, when the film “When the lights go out” about the local
the family that in the 1960s was tormented by this terrible, undead

According to legend, the monk was executed in Pontefract during
reign of King Henry VIII. Ascetic hanged in the town square
on charges of rape and murder of a young girl. None
knows for sure whether a man really committed these crimes
however, it is said that after his death his spirit became furious and began
literally harass the inhabitants of the city. Kyle Thompson says that
during his visit to this creepy house, he first visited
a coal shed in a garden where the ghost of the Black Monk is believed to be
attacked once by a homeowner. Then our hero went to
building to look for the legendary phantom there.

The ghost hunter says that he was at a certain
moment near the old mirror and suddenly saw in him a tall dark
silhouette behind you. The researcher was afraid to turn to
Devilry, however, managed to photograph it in reflection. On
the presented picture can be seen scared Kyle, behind
whose towering black form in a robe. Luckily,
the ghost of the monk did no harm to the man. When is Thompson yet
found the courage to turn around, a native of the thin world disappeared.
However, he clearly imprinted on a sinister selfie, and all
Soul Reaper Paranormal members unanimously agreed that this
one of the most impressive evidence of the existence of the afterlife
of life.

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