The ocean departs from the equatorialterritories

Almost all over the coast of Ecuador there is a strange picture –
the ocean recedes from land, freeing it from the water by almost a hundred meters.
This is especially clearly manifested, say, near the village of Santa Rosa.
the province of Santa Elena, in Manabi on the shores of the Gulf of Carquez.

So after the New Year holidays in Social Networks
Splashed messages about this anomaly with serious concerns about
oncoming mega-tsunami because something like this can
occur before such natural disasters.

True, scientists immediately tried to reassure the coastal population
equatorial settlements. So employees
Ecuador’s Oceanographic Institute explained that in the early days
January, our Earth was closest to the Sun (phenomenon
perihelion), plus enhanced tides caused by a special
the location of the moon. All this led to such an amazing picture
which cannot be considered catastrophic, although the situation is clearly
unusual …

However, the statement of scientists is not very reassured residents of Ecuador,
who immediately remembered how the water disappeared from the beaches of Brazil,
Mexico, Uruguay and the Bahamas last year before the terrible
hurricane “Irma”, at the same time in social networks began to discuss other
natural disasters associated with the disappearance of water in many
lakes and rivers of the world. In short, the inhabitants of the coastal equatorial
villages live in anticipation of the worst. And no one really knows why
suddenly the water was gone, but obviously not for nothing …

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