The old church photographed the spirit

English-language resources circled the next photo, in which
supposedly captured a descendant from the dead. Resident of the United
Kingdom stated that removed the alleged phantom in the Church of the Holy
Conan, located in the Scottish District of Argyll and Bute.
The building was built in 1881 right in the middle of a lush garden with
large stream feeding vegetation. No legends about that
ghosts are found here, as far as we know, no.

A man reports that he recently visited this church and made it
a few shots – just like that, because there it was very beautiful.
When the Briton reviewed the subsequently obtained images,
noticed on one of them something that seemed to him
supernatural phenomenon. The photo of the altar seemed blurry.
whitish silhouette, somewhat similar to the man who folded his arms in
prayer. You can distinguish his head, shoulders, torso and, in fact,
the hands themselves. The author of the picture believes that it is obviously a ghost.

Many Internet users have reacted to this image.
skeptical. According to the doubters, we are talking about ordinary divorces.
on a wooden surface. Other commentators claim that
cobwebs, smoke, or even the consequence of a malfunction of the camera. Photographer,
nevertheless, not in a hurry to heed the words of the materialists. Scotsman
suggests that the camera could first get into the lens of his camera
some spirit that lives in the church of st. conan and about the existence
whose parishioners with priests to date have not even

Surprisingly, this (supposed) ghost is not
only dwells in the church, but still, apparently, and prays here.
I wonder, what, what does this ghost beg for at the Most High? Can,
salvation for your soul? ..

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