The oldest bird on the planet demolished anotheregg

A female of the dark-spined albatross named Wisdom, located
now on one of the Hawaiian atolls, considered the oldest bird on
the planet. At least, from those individuals that are known to scientists. AT
this year she turned 68 years old! A big and unexpected event for
local ornithologists have become the fact that Wisdom, contrary to all expectations,
снесла в столь солидном возрасте очередное egg.

For all the time of observation, this bird gave life to at least three
dozens of chicks. Enviable longevity and fertility of the female
Albatross has become a significant surprise for scientists. Reported that
Wisdom and her partner Akeakamai, who is much younger than her
�“Spouses” fly to Hawaii annually in their nest to give
here is offspring. Experts call this behavior “devotion
nesting place.

Альбатросы, как правило, откладывают всего одно egg и
incubated for more than two months. Coral Archipelago Midway,
which was chosen by Wisdom and Akeacamai, is a haven for
millions of different birds and countless bird species.
It is believed that albatrosses live in the wild for a maximum of 40-50 years, however
our winged heroine is supposed to have broken all records
longevity for its kind and maybe birds in general. Her,
certainly the place in the Guinness Book of Records itself
a unique bird does not know anything about it – and thank God …

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