The oldest cat in the world has lived to 32 years

British Liz and Ian Finlay reported that their cat named Nagmet
died due to heart failure. On the day of death he was
full 32 years, which is the world record for the duration
living among domestic cats.

The owners are very worried about the death of their pet,
since they were endlessly attached to him – and now they are left
alone By the way, Nagmet’s age is not entirely accurate, since Liz and Ian
Finlay found him in his garden in 1990 with an abscess on his neck.
A veterinarian, called to treat a sick animal, and determined
that the cat at that time was about five years old. In fact, this
the figure is inaccurate, however, and with such a scenario, the legendary cat
lived for at least thirty years, which is very surprising.

For example, the famous Russian biologist and TV host Nikolai
Drozdov explained this phenomenal case as follows:

Nagmetu was just lucky: in that he was picked up,
came out, sheltered, but the main thing is that he got to a very good
the owners who loved him madly. And love, as we know,
creates real miracles. It is possible that this long-lived cat
initially possessed good genetic health, then ate little,
with only healthy food. But the main thing after all is love loving
psychological situation.

However, many Internet users were surprised to notice that
home cats and cats are practically loved by everyone, some owners in
they don’t feel much for souls, and long-livers are kindly pet
for some reason do not become. There are owners who are very strict
for food, the regime of the day of his furry friend. But in this case
A cat or cat lives on the strength of up to 20 years, and even then in a rare case.
And then 32 years old!

But the judgment of another Internet user:

It is said that cats take on their karma and their diseases
hosts Maybe the thing is that Liz and Ian Finlay are spiritual and
are physically healthy people? And therefore they managed to significantly extend
Press life, energetically feeding it with its pure energy.
There is also a theory that cats are alien beings. Maybe,
not all, but this one is an alien !!!

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