The otherworldly essence is imprinted bythermal imager

Apparently, people from the thin world are not cold
grave entities, as many believe. According to the hunters
ghosts from Connecticut, they managed to prove that the phantoms
consist of very warm energy that can be easily
fix by infrared thermography.

The video below was taken a few days.
back by american paranormal specialist Dan Norvell
and his team at Maple Cemetery in Hartford County. Researchers
came there at night, armed with a thermal imager, and after about
an hour and a half captured the mysterious anomaly.

A device showing the distribution of temperature fields,
unexpectedly caught in the depths of the cemetery strange anthropomorphic
a figure slowly moving, more precisely, floating above the ground and
disappeared behind one of the graveyard headstones. The experts were
quite perplexed and excited by such a find, however, they resorted to
logic and put forward the theory that we can talk about any
animal or human.

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