The Pennsylvania Legend of Faceless Charlie,turned out to be true

On the outskirts of Pittsburgh, you can find an abandoned railway
a tunnel covered with graffiti and filled with technical salt. is he
was built in 1924 for the needs of the miners, and in 1962 ceased
used and was abandoned.

Scary urban legend

Locals still call it the Faceless Tunnel.
Charley. Previously, teenagers often drove here at night, turned off
The headlights of the car called the mysterious Faceless Charlie, who, by their
opinion, could appear from pitch darkness and scare them to death.
Sounds like a typical urban legend that arose on the ruins
decayed industry. However, this story is, on
surprise, partially truthful.

It is believed that at night in the tunnel and on nearby
a mysterious person appears on the roads, completely devoid of face.
Many argue that this is a ghost, the walking dead, crazy
maniac or even demon from hell. Teenagers whisper that
Faceless Charlie seeks to catch up with anyone he meets in such
the late hour, and the victim of the monster, they say, expects the most unenviable

Thrill-seeking youth still sometimes comes here
at night hoping to meet the Faceless Charlie, but she will not find
him. A man without a face left this world for more than three decades.
backwards is he не был сумасшедшим, убийцей или призраком. This man
with a sad fate called Raymond Robinson.

The Real Story of Faceless Charlie

Raymond was born in October 1910 in Beaver County, state
Pennsylvania and grew up to be a completely normal baby. Boy’s father
died when he was only seven, but the mother of our hero
Lulu soon married the brother of her late spouse. Later
For two years, Raymond’s life changed forever.

A boy and his friends, playing on the tram bridge, noticed a bird’s
socket on a pole with high-voltage wires. Our hero decided
Get it and climbed up. There Raymond accidentally touched
up to 22000-volt cable, receiving a huge electric shock.
The unfortunate was thrown to the side, and he fell on a bridge with terrible
burns on the head and body.

Doctors believed that the boy would not survive, but a miracle happened.
However, the life of a little American could hardly be
called wonderful. is he покрылся шрамами и лишился левой руки. Face
Robinson, hit by electricity, was completely burned. Raymond
lost both eyes and nose, and his lips swelled and twisted.
Having turned into a hermit, the teenager began to make rugs,
belts and wallets to financially help mothers and
stepfather uncle.

As a result, the family moved to live with relatives in Pittsburgh.
Robinson refused to leave the house during the day, so as not to scare
their appearance neighbors. However, over time, he ventured
go out after sunset. Our hero began to make long
night walks near the roads and often passed through
the aforementioned tunnel. Being blind, he walked with one foot on
the roadway, and the other on the side of the road, so as not to get lost and not
get under the car.

How to faceless Charlie treated surrounding

Однажды кто-то заметил Raymondа, и скорее всего, несчастный
very frightened by the oncoming.

Так, вероятно, и родилась страшная легенда о Безликом Charley.
However, some Pittsburgh residents soon realized that a person without
faces exist in fact, the truth is not for anyone
danger. Moreover, the townspeople often stopped and
talked to a man. He eagerly talked with the inhabitants of the town,
and also enjoyed the beer and cigarettes that they gave him

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