The pensioner captured the silhouette of the “alien” onsunset

One of the regulars of the popular social network “Reddit” laid out in
section of the site dedicated to extraterrestrial civilizations, mysterious
snapshot. According to the author of the publication, his elderly aunt accidentally
photographed a few days ago this strange silhouette,
suspiciously like a stranger.

Here is what an excited user writes:

I’m not claiming to be a real alien, but I’m just not
I can not share with you this struck me and my relative
overs. My aunt, who will soon turn 64, was taking pictures.
в своем саду солнце на sunset, и на снимке вдруг запечатлелся этот
translucent bluish silhouette resembling the outlines of gray
alien If you look at the photo very carefully, then
you can see a big head with big dark eyes,
slender neck, peculiar shoulders, torso and arms. Even if it was
the usual flash in the lens, its shape is simply amazing. Chances
get such a “spot” is probably equal to one in a billion!

Then the man reveals even more amazing details.
what happened:

Interestingly, lately my aunt started complaining to me about
the fact that something flies over her section, making humming sounds.
The object itself was not visible, but the noise was heard well. Her dog
constantly barked at the sky. I figured someone runs here.
quadrocopter. This is actually illegal, especially if the drone is equipped
camera, so I already wanted to complain to the police. Now i’m not even
I know what to do. I read somewhere that gray aliens have
the ability to roam among us using invisible camouflage. What,
if under certain illumination such a humanoid can be seen or
take a picture, as happened to my aunt? ..

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