The Pentagon has declassified videos and information aboutUFO

Удивительное заявление об UFO, сделанное на днях министерством
US defense, shook ufologists, conspiracy therapists and simple
the townsfolk. Pentagon representatives have acknowledged existence since 2007
until 2012, the secret program “AATIP”, aimed at
detection, analysis and, if necessary, destruction of the so-called
�”Anomalous aerospace threats.” The military even declassified two
videos depicting mysterious unidentified flying objects,
faced by American fighters in these years.

Can we now consider the existence of “flying saucers”
officially proven and recognized? Or do Americans lead the world?
the public by the nose, giving it false information? Not
it’s possible that this is a true but negligible tiny part of
what really know the powers that be. One way or another, the spokesperson
US Defense Secretary Tom Crosson reported that the Pentagon has spent over 22
миллионов долларов, изучая UFO, затем финансирование проекта якобы
has been discontinued. But let’s take a look at published
Americans videos.

Радует даже то, что тема UFO и пришельцев признается уже

The first entry, having a duration of 34 seconds, was
obtained from the cockpit of the deck fighter-bomber “Super
Hornet. An amazing object in the sky was watched by
suspended infrared front vision device. It allowed
the military to determine that the alleged “flying saucer” was
significantly hotter than air. She lacked wings, screws and
any other details specific to earthly aircraft
devices. UFO был способен за долю секунды разгоняться до
incredibly high speeds. In the usual optical spectrum apparatus
was poorly visible.

The second video was also filmed by a twin-engine attack aircraft.
«Супер Hornet. He monitored unidentified aircraft.
ship, fixed aircraft carrier “Princeton.” When the plane
made friends with the mysterious violator of American air
пространства, то оказалось, что UFO представлял собой крупный
a light oval object with a diameter of about 12 meters. UFO
hovering 15 meters above the ocean and periodically “jumping” from
one place to another, with the water under it starting every time
boil. At some point, the “flying saucer” moved into
side of the fighter, as if threatening him, and then disappeared.

Most of the funds allocated by the US government in
2007-2012 for the program “AATIP”, went to a private contractor
represented by the company “Bigelow Aerospace” engaged in space
tourism. Its founder Robert Bigelow is a staunch believer.
in aliens and higher cosmic intelligence. This entrepreneur
и удалось пролоббировать свои интересы, уговорив сенатора Notвады
Harry Reid to contribute to the allocation of budget funds for
joint search by the US Department of Defense and Bigelow Aerospace
alien aircraft and a more detailed study of these
загадочных UFO. It was possible for Robert Bigelow and his team to do it.
or not, from declassified documents and videos is not very clear
although it pleases even the fact that the theme of the aliens is already official structures
recognize and even do something at the level of not only military intelligence,
but also scientific research.

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