The people of Chile were surprised to observe an unusuala phenomenon in the sky

Residents of the Republic of Chile were amazed when they noticed on December 18
this year, something unusual in the sky over his country. Around
sun formed a strange rainbow halo, while the sun disk
pierced the ephemeral bluish line. She was like some
a walkway going straight down to the ground. Numerous witnesses of this
the phenomenon was shocked to what he saw to the depths of the soul. They called it
a divine sign and did not fail to capture the amazing
heavenly anomaly on video. By including the video below, you
You can see it with your own eyes.

When the mysterious entries with the image of “stairs to the sky”
turned up on the World Wide Web, the web regulars started
reflect on what it really was. Some commentators
they considered that it really was a religious sign from above.
Others have decided that this is a bad omen, and Chileans are worth
expect major upheavals soon. According to third, this
and there was a portal to another dimension.

Skeptics believe that there is no mysticism here. They are sure,
that the mysterious halo was formed in a clear sky thanks to
numerous ice crystals in dry air. Say so
a strange atmospheric phenomenon is observed in winter in many parts
light under certain weather conditions.

Well, what do you think? Is our world so simple and can everything be in it
explain in terms of physical laws? ..

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