The picture of the moon found the structure

Ufologists from the well-known community “UFOmania” report that
discovered something strange on one of the pictures from the American
space flight “Apollo 16” 1972.

Photo taken by NASA astronaut Charlie Duke
demonstrates his colleague John Young, collecting samples of the lunar
ground. Behind Young is a bright object, suspiciously
resembling a dome structure. Include the video below.
and see for yourself.

According to the researchers, they were amazed by their discovery.
In addition, ufologists can not believe that no one has ever noticed
mysterious structure on the frame 46 years ago. But what does
is this discovery? Specialists put forward three theories:

  • according to one of them, the american lunar mission are
    by a hoax, and a camera accidentally got into the camera lens
    object from the set. Given how
    NASA flights to Selena look dubious, such a hypothesis is quite
    has the meaning. US National Space Agency before
    made such ridiculous punctures. For example, when solemnly
    donated a moonstone to the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Museum
    caught up with a piece of petrified wood;
  • another theory is that American astronauts were still
    on the moon and found there built aliens. One of these
    fantastic buildings, they say, and it was captured on film by Charlie
  • Finally, some conspiracy therapists assume that the natural
    Earth satellite has long been inhabited by people, which confirms this
    the snapshot, but the powers that be hide this information from
    the general public.

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