The picture of the moon noticed disc-shaped�”Spaceship”

On one of the moon images taken by Americans 46 years ago
during the Apollo 16 mission, tireless online researchers
discovered a large disc-shaped object of bright white color, soaring
above the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth. Photo was
shot by NASA astronauts in the Gilbert lunar crater area, with
114 kilometers high.

Ufologists who made such a find on the official website
space agency NASA, felt that we are talking about a spaceship

Of course, not all Web users believe in “flying
a plate of green men on the moon, however even the hardened
skeptics admit that the mysterious object clearly hovers over Selena,
casting a shadow on it. It may not be an aircraft.
aliens, but then what? Giant hovering over the moon
stone surface? Or a fancy optical illusion? As if
however, it is a very interesting anomaly deserving
further study.

It is noteworthy that the New Zealand ufologist Scoot Wallace put forward
recently a very curious hypothesis about aliens on the moon.
The researcher suggests that the nearest celestial body to us
is abundantly populated by extraterrestrial intelligence (alien base or even
their huge spaceship, once “pulled” to Earth with
certain objectives), but the aliens surrounded Selena
holographic field that makes it visually uninhabitable for
us. Wallace also believes that Americans never flew
The moon because otherwise they would see that there
going on and would have filmed it all on tape if they had, of course,
allowed the aliens to do this. But, most likely, they did not allow
man would even get close to the moon.

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