The plane is not a person with a smartphone

Surprisingly, a person with a smartphone today can be tracked in
anywhere in the world – in real time. For example, thanks
fitness application Strava conspiracy therapists even managed to detect
under the ice of Antarctica, a giant collider of unearthly
descent, as people constantly scurry around it (rather
total, attendants) with mobile devices. But at
such a fantastic achievement of control through gpg for
smartphone users on the surface of the earth, the most advanced in
world’s transport industry – civil aviation remains
virtually unarmed in terms of tracking aircraft in
the air.

You don’t need to go far for an example: March 8, 2014 was gone
Airbus Flight 370 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) – Beijing (PRC) Company
Malaysia Airlines. Boeing 777-200ER just disappeared from the radar over
South China Sea approximately 40 minutes after takeoff.
A year later, all passengers and crew members of the aircraft were recognized
dead, but Boeing itself has not been found so far.

Of course, after this civilian security proposals
a lot of aircraft were offered, including as much as possible
track them through the passengers’ mobile devices. But
four years have passed, and things are still there. International requirements
for installation on the sides of civil aircraft special tracking
systems that would allow to monitor the movement of air
of the vessel, will take effect only in January 2021 (I wonder who on
Is the hand such a demanding of a necessary requirement?). However and
after that airliners will disappear without a trace, because
equipping all planes and airlines with the right equipment at its best
The case will end by 2040.

Economic problems or is it profitable for someone to make airplanes
further disappeared?

Many believe that the difficulties in solving this problem are purely
economic as it is a very expensive task. Exactly
these international airlines and explain their reluctance
hurry, demonstrating with your own eyes that human life is far away
not priceless, far more important than super-profits. But с другой стороны, у нас
find money that is much larger (tens or even hundreds of times) on
seemingly far less important projects, for example, flights to the moon or
Mars, the study of Venus or Mercury, maintenance of the ISS,
building super-power orbital telescopes to study
distant from us billions of light-years of galaxies … But this
all the same thing that is involved in the construction of the cottage without fencing
balcony in the apartment, which is located on the tenth floor.

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