The planet Nibiru is hidden from us byThe moon

Matt Rogers, one of the most ardent supporters of the theory of the destruction of the Earth
Planet X, claims that Nibiru continues to approach
The solar system, however, the earth’s elite in collusion with reptiloids
скрывает это от землян с помощью The moon.

Here you have another interesting role of the natural (or
artificial?) satellite of the Earth! It turns out the moon is just
�“Imitation of the reflector”, intended to obscure
Nibiru from our eyes. Here are just some of the inconsistencies in
statements (any interpretations) of supporters of the planet Nibiru. First they
we were promised it in September, then we moved the date of the Apocalypse to
October, November, and so on (we will clarify, this was in the past, and
the year before last). And nothing happens.

NASA even made official disclosure
theory of Planet X, quite convincingly proving that it is not and is not
may be. It seems everything is clear, but here’s the trouble: American
the agency has piled up so much of any lies around space
research that any NASA statement is perceived by earthlings
like another lie. And even if the truth is said, in this,
I think no one will believe – this is how a person and his

This is why talk of Nibiru continues, and supporters of this
theories are finding more interesting excuses, why are we
Still still alive, and finally, when this arrives
long-awaited Planet X: after all, living in anticipation of the end is much worse,
than to experience it immediately and, moreover, all together.

So today’s Matt Rogers claims that
governments specifically spray chemicals in the sky for
so that we will not see Nibiru, and also use for
of this Sun and Moon (their imitators), some seem
unfounded, albeit hazy and incomprehensible.

However, supporters of the Christian idea of ​​the Apocalypse
agree with these statements in the main point: before the end of the world
there really will be a lot of heavenly signs that people
will be interpreted in different ways. In fact, all this will be
harbingers of future global change.

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