The police fixed the camera mysteriousclot of darkness

A ghost, shadow essence, or an alien from another planet?
Зловещий clot of darkness был зафиксирован сотрудниками полиции в
Peruvian city of Huaras, and experts in the field of paranormal
phenomena are now breaking their heads over what it was.

The mysterious incident occurred in the last Catholic
Christmas. Several young people have parked their car.
in the middle of the street and began to celebrate the holiday, drinking in the cabin
strong drinks.

Vigilant law enforcement officers spotted revelers by street
CCTV cameras and began to monitor them in order to take
appropriate measures if young people wish to go somewhere in
drunk state. However, the guardians of the law are not even
suspected that they could capture something much more on video
amazing and frightening. The fact is that at a certain point
the operator at the console suddenly noticed a vague shadow
presumably of a supernatural nature. Policeman
claims that he had never seen anything like it before
more than 30 years of service.

On the frames below you can clearly see how
the mysterious entity is approaching the car, a couple of seconds “resting” on
the hood of the car, then flies away. The officers insist (this,
Apparently, for ardent skeptics who do not even believe the police),
did not process the record in any way and uploaded it to the World Wide Web in
original form.

Many netizens thought that this video was
excellent proof of the existence of the thin world, and
suggested that coming from a different reality first, it is necessary
believed willing to join the fun in the car, however then
changed my mind. And not immediately, note that on the road
the ghost pauses, as if in thought, and then
finally leaves the “scene”.

According to skeptics (and what about without them?), In the camera lens or in
the plafond of a street lamp just got an insect that created
so bizarre illusion.

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