The police found a woman with membranes ontoes calling themselves a mermaid

Despite the fact that this mysterious and unusual event occurred
in California back in April 2017, foreign researchers
supernatural phenomena are interested in him just now,
having recently received access to the police documents of the city of Fresno.

It turned out that last spring local law enforcement officers
faced a naked woman about 30 years old who is almost
remembered nothing about who she was and how she ended up at 3 am on
shore of the local lake. She was very puzzled by the guardians of the law, let us know
im that is a … mermaid.

The found lady was immediately taken to the hospital, where she
diagnosed amnesia. But the most striking thing else: doctors
found on the toes of a woman large leathery membranes,
like an amphibian! This curious fact was indicated in the official
reports of physicians and police officers.

Jane Doe (the name in the US is given to all unknown
the weaker sex) spoke a bit of English and
treated others with caution. She said about herself only that
supposedly was a real mermaid who lived first in the water and then
turned against her will on land.

Of course, the guardians of order in every way deny any
paranormal theories believing that a mysterious woman is just
lost memory as a result of any incident or due
health problems. She probably has no relatives and friends,
since no one has yet reported to the police about her disappearance.

�”Mermaid” is still not recognized by anyone

It is reported that the self-named “mermaid” is still in one
from california psychiatric clinics. Doctors claim that
Jane doe has a congenital hereditary defect called
syndactyly, when a person’s fingers are spliced ​​due
directional embryonic development.

Perhaps a woman who lost her memory noticed such a feature.
her appearance and concluded that she belongs to the mythical
water creatures. However, not everyone believes in
materialistic explanation of what happened. Many users
The nets suggest that Jane Doe is indeed a mermaid.

In some cultures, where there are legends about aquatic maidens,
it is considered that if a mermaid for some reason leaves
its natural habitat and goes into the human world, then it
partially loses the memory of his former life. Maybe with our
did the heroine really have something like that?

Lieutenant Mark Hudson, who has been investigating this case for months,
claims that this case is unique in his service. ABOUT
Jane Doe talked a lot in the news (not mentioning, however, that she
�“Mermaid), and not a single TV viewer identified the woman. Her prints
The fingers also proved to be useless for forensic science.

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