The policemen who were looking for the missing girl, took offghost

The intriguing post below was posted to one of
YouTube channels dedicated to supernatural phenomena. The authors
publications claim that the video was received a few days ago two
American policemen searching for the missing girl named

The child disappeared at night for half an hour, and turned out to be nearby
patrolmen began his search immediately. Soon they found the baby
riding on a swing in someone else’s yard. Movie shows how
officers approach Eve and ask what she is doing here in such
late one hour The girl replies that she plays with her friend

Of course, the thought immediately comes to mind that a child
imagines this because other children nearby are clearly not
it is seen. However, something very strange happens next. Eve
points law enforcement officers to an empty swing near him, and those
suddenly begin to sway as if someone is sitting on them
invisible, I suppose, that mysterious Julianne. Frightened experience
order take the lost baby with you, and in this video
is ending.

Despite the fact that many users of the World Wide Web
found these frames really scary, there was also
quite a few skeptical commentators who called the record
staged and hoax. Say, policemen behave on it
extremely unnatural, in particular, frightened at the slightest reason,
for example, not even trying to figure out why they suddenly start
swing the second swing …

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