The Portuguese twice photographed the “flyinga plate

A resident of Portugal, who recently went on a hike, became
witness an unidentified flying object in the sky.
Large aircraft made of silver metal
flashed over a coniferous grove and disappeared from sight.

Fortunately, the traveler, who had a camera with him, twice
запечатлел загадочную «летающую a plate на фото (видео, к
Unfortunately, the Portuguese did not have time to turn on). Returning home,
an eyewitness immediately sent the received pictures to the staff of the famous
Mutual UFO Network. A man describes a UFO he has seen.
as “uneven sphere”, however, his images, unfortunately, have
not high enough to say something with precision
about the shape of the aircraft.

The Portuguese wrote to ufologists:

I traveled in the mountains and filmed
nature, when suddenly I saw above the earth a sphere the size of
helicopter. She flew quickly and did not make any sounds. I first
taken aback, however, managed to grab the camera and take two pictures of this
mysterious object. After that, he disappeared from my sight.
UFO was moving from southeast to northwest at a speed of over 300
kilometers per hour. When I took these photos, the distance between us, on
My view was less than 3 kilometers. Could this be a balloon
or drone? I do not think so, because they look very different,
Yes, and fly wrong …

Many UFO researchers have reported that identify
Portuguese object, as earthly, is not possible,
so we can talk about the alien ship representatives
extraterrestrial civilization.

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