The powers that be are preparing to cuthuman population

Greek nuclear physicist Georgios Gyalvas delivered an amazing
a statement. It did not happen today, but in 2003, however
world conspiracy therapists have just now paid close attention to
the words of the late scientist. 17 years ago a prominent specialist,
Long time working in the US, told reporters that in 2018
the so-called “Extraterrestrial Decision Center” intends to begin
reducing the population of the earth.

Greek scholar has learned the truth from Americans

Georgios was born in 1923 in Greece. He studied in Italy
worked in the United States, then returned to his homeland, where
enrolled in the local Ministry of Defense, which is under
tough leadership of nato. Gyalwas became the author of tens
inventions, however all of them were appropriated by the US military.
Being a patriot of his country, the scientist tried to resist
US control. �”Greek Tesla”, as his countrymen called him,
interacted with large ranks from the Pentagon and the CIA, eliciting from
these are incredibly valuable information. Reported to the inventor
knowledge of the links of the powerful with the aliens has been revealed, and
also about the secret world community consisting of alien and gray
cardinals from among earthlings.

The destruction of earthlings will begin this year or has already begun

In 2003, the Greek spoke about this world property, and
then died. Whether the man understood that health brings him and him
it is necessary to convey the truth to people, or simply
eliminated after such words. The story is silent about this.

Be that as it may, well-known conspiracy therapists and ufologists after all
These years have become interested in the statement of the physicist, when they remembered that
he spoke in his speech about the current, 2018, year. According to
scientist, this year will be a turning point in the history of mankind,
since representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization supported by strong
мира сего начнут сокращать human population, если это уже не
It is happening now.

The reduction in the number of people will be issued for natural

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