The predictions of the monk-prophet Gypitan frighten:believe or not?

In the Swiss city of St. Gallen there is a unique
to all its parameters, the Benedictine monastery of St. Gall,
which in 1983 is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. AND,
Perhaps the most interesting for scientists is his library, which even
compared with the Vatican book depository.

It is in this library where many old books are stored and
manuscripts, it was found the prediction of the elder Gipedan, who almost
ten centuries ago (the records of the monk-prophet date back to 1080)
talked about the fact that at the beginning of the twenty-first century humanity
must pass through terrible ordeals.

Terrible disaster will come from the east, wrote mysteriously
the prophet monk, the strong wind is so raging that it will sweep away everything
on his way. The elders’ manuscripts immediately attributed them to
rampant elements in the Atlantic, although all these cyclones and hurricanes
somehow not associated with the concept of “come from the east.”

Some researchers, for example, German, found in
the prophecies of Gipedan and the indication of the Third World War, which
will begin on September 27, however, except for the day there was no indication in the records
for a year – it all just referred to the beginning of this century. But judging
by the way the political and military situation is heating up in different
regions of the planet, especially in the Far East around the DPRK, such
prophecies are not unfounded and even applicable to this year.

And another thing: all these records refer the reader to the rarest
cosmic phenomenon (meaning the position of the stars on
sky), which happens once in seven thousand years. Astronomers
and astrologers immediately calculated, and came to the conclusion that such
the event indicated by the elder will happen September 23, 2017
of the year.

Так believe or not?

What kind of event will it be? Is it possible and necessary to believe
medieval prophet, no one knows, but the conspiracy therapists immediately
�”Picked up and revived.” The fact is that they have long called
this date: on this day the supposedly mysterious planet Nibiru gets close to
Earth – it will be visible even to the naked eye, and from that
moment will begin the long-awaited Apocalypse.

Astronomers уверяют, что даже в большом отдалении от нашей
The solar system does not see any Planet X flying to us. but
many people no longer believe scientists: first, they are constantly something
they keep silent, distort the facts, fit them under the generally accepted patterns,
look back at those in power before telling the truth as well
secondly, our orthodox science knows little about the universe, in
which we live. Maybe the planet Nibiru “will emerge” suddenly in our
The solar system from another dimension, like, say,
planets nanagrahi Rahu and Ketu (maybe she is one of them?). However,
there is hope that this time the materialists will be right and all
talk about ecumenical catastrophes, wars and the Apocalypse no more,
than the shaking of air, as it happened more than once even for
last ten years …

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