The problem with storing excess energy will be solved withusing a gravity battery

We have already written about the energy fluid that came up
Swedish scientists in order to effectively and, most importantly, endlessly long
store energy from solar panels.

By the way, this problem concerns not only solar, but also
wind power. Since people can not (during the day, in
depending on the season, air temperature and other factors)
evenly spend the energy of renewable sources
somewhere to store.

Farm batteries, for example, Powerpack (Tesla) –
proved ineffective, so it was time to remember the old
proven methods with the construction of small autonomous
hydro constructions in which the excess electric power is spent on
pumping water into the upper reservoirs, and during its water shortage
dumped on hydro turbines that produce current. However
hydroconstructions have always been and remain a serious flaw –
environmental hazards to the environment.

The Swiss company “Energy Vault” offered its original
way to accumulate excess energy. For this high is built
a tower whose goal is to lift blocks, say, 35-40 each
tons of weight – due to excess electricity. In case of its deficiency,
the blocks are lowered, producing the right amount of energy. Wherein
no environmental problems such installations will not create
Moreover, the blocks themselves can be made from landfill materials,
by solving the utilization problem itself.

�Energy Vault has so far found only one client – Tata
Power of India. An experimental project is being built here.
the tower is 22 meters tall (an industrial tower generator will be
five times the height). The main thing in this case is to check
How will such a battery behave not in the laboratory, but in
real environment. If the experiment succeeds, it will be
a kind of breakthrough in the accumulation of “green” energy, and
it means the further development of its renewable sources …

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