The project of the near future: a floating nation withown cryptocurrency

This island of “independent happiness” can be called floating in
world ocean city, country, nation – in fact, no matter how.
The main thing is that according to the idea of ​​the creators of this unique one
the first independent state (like the libertarian utopia),
free from taxes and a centralized financial-economic and
political regulation, and with its own cryptocurrency Vyron
(“Viron”). Such a country will appear in the world – in 2022 (if
will, of course).

The idea of ​​such an independent country ten years ago came to mind
American entrepreneur, philanthropist and writer Peter Thiel,
soon created for the implementation of this dream non-profit
the Seasteading Institute, which is led by Joe Quirk, as
say journalists successfully promotes this fantastic
project in life. And even, as we see, his term has already become apparent.

Here is what Joe Quirk himself says about this:

Our team believes that such a “floating island” can
further to solve the problem of inundation of land due to raising
world ocean level. This is especially true for Polynesian
islands that stand on corals and disappear under water in the first
turn. That is why a place in the ocean was chosen for the state on water.
near Tahiti. It is important to see how the new one will function.
city ​​to further get a clear idea what and how
need to do to accommodate climate refugees.

The floating island will hold at least 300 specially
houses planned for him, as well as hotels, restaurants, offices,
shops, cultural institutions and so on. Particular attention is paid to
the landscape of the future city: for example, architects plan to reflect
in the design of the hills and mountains, make it a “flowering garden, and at the same
time to relate all this to the traditions of the Polynesian culture and

Such a project has really not yet been carried out by anyone and
never. The first independent island will float in international
waters, acting within its own laws, independent of
world politics, economic problems, currency fluctuations

Many journalists call the project of Peter Thiel the greatest
know-how, a window into the future, the salvation of mankind and so on.
However, more sober people, such as economists and analysts, are watching
on all this skeptical, believing that the idea of ​​Peter Thiel is nothing more than
Libertarian utopia, since it is impossible to create a paradise on Earth
only by creating material paradise, it requires
change first of all the human consciousness.

More or less stable can make such a settlement,
carefully selecting for him spiritual people all over the world, patiently
and with tremendous divine Love sifting out the wheat from the chaff as it
doing Indian ashrams, for example, once created in Puducherry
the founder of integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo and his associate
Mother If the organization of floating cities only focus
on climate refugees (all indiscriminately), say, residents of those
the Polynesian Islands, from this truly utopian venture
(remember the communist idea – theoretically just
immaculate) nothing will come out, no matter how well-intentioned
guided by the organizers of such projects, “free” supposedly
from politics and inequality …

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