The Prophecies of Casey and Vanga Begincome true?

Recently, controversy has been going on in the “upper ranks” of the Russian Federation,
which was started by the Chairman of the Development Movement, a writer and publicist,
prominent statesman Yuri Krupnov, who proposed to move
the capital of Russia to Siberia. This idea was picked up by the writer Limonov,
Some governors of the Siberian region itself, and today
the issue of moving the capital is already being discussed in the media in full
is serious.

Disputes do not subside, because many opponents of this
global solution for Russia. But the fact of controversy
already says that the prophecies gradually begin to come true
great oracles – Casey and Vanga.

American “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce predicted Russia
a great future, and he saw the center of this new spiritual power
It is Siberia. And he argued that the climate by that time
will change, and therefore the Siberian region will be more like
modern subtropics. And Siberia itself, he said, will become
center of spiritual formation of a completely different society, more
bright and cultural civilization.

The Bulgarian blind seer Vanga also called Siberia
the place where by 2030 the main granary of the new world will be formed and
the center of a renewed Russia that will lead and lead everything
world community – to a new spiritual life.

Of course, today Siberia is not the one where you can grow bananas and
mango, however, recent climatic surprises indicate that
In this world, a lot begins to change dramatically. And talk about
transferring the capital of Russia to Siberia is only the first swallow,
pointing us to the prophecies of Vanga and Casey, which are really
gradually begin to come true …

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