The prophecies of the boy who survived clinicaldeath

Оказывается, не все люди, переживающие клиническую death,
rush to the light or fall into the abyss of darkness, some in this
time is met with higher powers that show them

That is exactly what happened to a ten-year-old boy from the United States, Jeremy.
This glorious little boy almost drowned, but doctors still
a few days supported the life in his body artificially, and then,
realizing that it was useless, turned off the device. But happened
real miracle: the boy suddenly breathed with his own, moreover,
waking up, he did not lose a grain of his intellect, rather
on the contrary, he returned from the next world renewed and enlightened.

Jeremy lived after that for another three years, having died only in
January current. Everyone who watched his return and subsequent
short life, and first of all his parents
the impression was that the boy was returned from the next world
only to convey the information he received from the Higher
forces. And also, to reassure parents who are now
understand that their son is not dead – he just returned to God, with
which at the time of the clinical death of Jeremy occurred
a meeting.

He woke up then and told about this amazing meeting – and
it was the brightest story that listened to his coming
relatives, then thousands of Americans, and now tens of thousands
Internet users. Apparently, Jeremy met with himself
Jesus Christ, and in that crystal and perfect world, where is he
for some time, many truths were revealed to him and even
the future of our planet. That briefly, as the boy talked about

There is a lot of talk in the world about aliens, about
why they do not come in contact with us, and they have long come,
just not the way we imagine it, because they –
demons, and they only need the energy of people, the energy of hate and
suffering, why they are doing everything possible so that everyone lived in
suffering and eternal struggle with each other. However, soon to Earth
more powerful demons will appear, and a terrible war will occur
between those and others in which people will be used as
cannon fodder in the army of their present alien

But his parents, like most Americans, said
boy, the majority of the population of the planet have nothing to fear because
before this unprecedented atomic war begins, and therefore, when
Earth will invade new demons, we will all be in heaven. true
those who stay will not envy …

You can, of course, take it all as a fairy tale, as nonsense
consciousness of the child whose brain was paralyzed, almost
dead due to too long lack of oxygen. But something in our
The world is actually not the case. The reptile aliens that are today
almost all ufologists know, they are very similar to demons,
described by a boy, and the political situation in the world is such that
A world-class atomic massacre can begin at any time. well and
the invasion of new alien demons can also be imagined easily
like a fall, for example, on the Earth of a giant asteroid or
a powerful flash on the Sun, which in the blink of an eye will burn everything
living on our blue planet …

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