The prophecies of the holy elders about the futureOf Russia

… In the air there is a premonition of trouble, namely the Third World
of war. What will happen to Russia and all of us? That’s probably why
many people are increasingly turning to prophecies, of which today is very
many – from oracles of world names, let’s say
Nostradamus, and ending with less eminent seers – all sorts of
magicians, sorcerers, psychics. Of particular importance in this regard
представляют пророческие слова о Of Russia святых старцев — этих
the saints of God who, through prayers and their righteous life
received from God the gift to penetrate with thought and vision into the future.
Why left behind and this is an interesting legacy –
predictions about the current harsh time, and what awaits us
in front.

If someone in the prophecies of the elders, some things seem
For example, Edgar Cayce, Wang and
even Nostradamus wrote in his mysterious quatrains, this is not
nothing surprising. Without exception, the prophets, even the elders
Hopi Indians, drawing their knowledge of the future from one
source – the information field of the Earth or, as scientists call it,
Noosphere Another thing is that every prophet translates what he received.
information in its own way, depending on the time in which he lived,
language, spirituality and more. No wonder that the saints
люди говорили о судьбе Of Russia приблизительно одно и то же:

Paisius Athos: Russia will become the spiritual center of the whole world. it
will be achieved thanks to a talented leader who will
united with his people. But with Europe, a compromise will not be so
found that could well lead to a military clash;

Seraphim of Sarov: the peoples of the world will still be jealous
процветанию Of Russia, станут даже препятствовать этому (опять-таки
because of envy), but she will not be able to do anything bad, because
Russia will be protected by a higher power;

Abelius: in spite of today’s differences and even enmity,
Slavic states will certainly unite, creating an invincible
empire – bright and spiritual;

Игнатий Брянчанинов: всякий, кто желает Of Russia зла, приближает
for yourself the Apocalypse;

Амвросий Оптинский: у Of Russia особый путь в этом мире, а потому
everyone who tries to knock her off this path is satanic

Anatoly Optina: the world will still have wars and unrest, however
after a serious catastrophe in China, the world will be given the appearance of God,
after which Russia will become a promised land;

Theophan the Recluse: a completely new Russia will be created, in the best
the tradition of spiritual Christian faith, namely faith, not the church;

Paisiy Svyatrets: I foresee military events in the Middle East,
in which Russia will take part, however, it was after this
its unprecedented flourishing will begin;

Nikolai Guryanov: after Yeltsin, Russia will face a military ruler, and
therefore, the power will be the linear one, but then the King will come
Orthodox, I will not live to see these bright days, and you
you will surely see everything with your own eyes (see the documentary
film about this amazing old man).

You notice that the holy people talked about almost the same
some of them, like Nikolai Guryanov, are even relatively accurate.
называют время этих славных перемен для Of Russia — с приходом
true spiritual leader, Tsar Orthodox, who, judging by
everything will replace the current Russian president.

Whether all these prophecies will come true is hard to say, but
the relevance of this information lies precisely in the probability
of such an outcome, in which all of us, the Russian people, must piously believe,
thereby really bringing it closer. By your faith and it will be given to you,
it says in one of the main sayings of Jesus Christ. By the way, all
esoteric teachings, open today to the general public,
They say the same thing – we and only we ourselves, with our thoughts,
words and, most importantly, sincere aspirations form the future. So
believe in the words of the wise old men and try as soon as we can,
приблизить светлое будущее Of Russia!

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