The prophecy of Russia, which gives hopeto the whole world

English missionary Hudson Taylor dedicated his life
good purpose – to establish contacts between Britain and the Middle Kingdom.
The Intra-China Mission, founded by him, became one of the main
driving forces of the second half of the nineteenth century in bringing the two
peoples, although for Taylor himself it was not an easy task.

First, the Chinese were suspicious of strangers,
secondly, the Chinese government also strongly opposed
spread of western culture and spirituality alien to this nation.
Suffice it to recall that according to the decree of Beijing in 1900, it was killed
more than a hundred missionary preachers, including
Hudson Taylor.

In Russia, Taylor is better known as the prophet, who in 1889
predicted two Great Wars (world). Then according to this
confessor, the world will cover numerous revolts and rebellions, until
there will be the most amazing national awakening in Russia.
This awakening will gradually cover European countries, and then
all the light of God, after which Jesus will come to earth again

The prediction of Hudson Taylor is still popular among Christians.
Russia, who believe that his prophecy about Russia gives hope
to the whole world, который уже вскоре должен кардинально измениться, став
spiritual, bright and beautiful. True, the missionary prophet is not
clarified when exactly this will happen …

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