The Prophecy of St. Malachi is fulfilled: Peter of Romesoon ascend to the papal throne

According to the texts of the medieval seer St. Malachy,
who painted the whole future history of the Roman pontiffs, last,
112th in a row, Pope will be a Peter of Rome, after which
the Apocalypse will begin in the world, and the Vatican will be wiped from the face

Here is what we read in the text of this prophet:

In the last days of the Roman Holy Church
the papal throne will sit Peter the Great, who is destined
graze your flock during the period of the greatest ills. It will be the end time
papal rule, the city on seven hills will be destroyed, and
The Terrible Judge will come down to earth to judge all by their sins and

However, we know that the 112th pontiff is the current Pope
Francis. However, he ruled for more than four years – and no special
troubles in the Vatican is not observed. Although someone with a stretch calls
his Peter the Rome (it turns out that at birth he was given the name
Peter), a conspiracy researcher, writer Tom Horn (Tom
Horn) proves that the current pontiff is not the one for whom
he gives himself off, and therefore he will soon retire (or his
will be removed).

Note that in 2011, the same Tom Horn predicted resignation
111th Pope Benedict XVI, who allegedly two years later
will replace the new pontiff – and it happened on March 13, 2013. Why
did Pope Francis not become that fatal 112th pontiff Peter
Roman, who must fulfill the terrible prophecy of the saint

As Tom Horn claims (see video below), Pope Francis –
not a real pontiff:

I believe that Francis was not elected to the papal
the throne is canonically, which is why in the conclave of the cardinals so far
the struggle continues. Obviously, the current pontiff and name chose himself
no accident, because Francis of Assisi was his greatest prophet
time, which also talked about the last time and the last
Pope, whose predecessor will be elected with violations, that is –
not canonically. As soon as the new Pope called himself Francis (pretty
by a strange name), I once understood, he is a temporary person, a formal
pontiff The Cardinals agreed to this because the holy
the throne must not be empty. Today, they require the same
temporary worker to resign. This is no longer news …

Vatican’s Secretary of State Pietro Parolin is predicted to replace Francis
(Pietro Parolin). But his name, as we see, without any exaggeration
means – Peter, moreover – Rome, because he is a native of Italy, and
не Аргентины, как нынешний pontiff By the way all this, says Tom
Horn, consistent with other prophecies, such as the pastor
Brian Carn (Brian Karn):

Pope Francis will be painful, but about his health
people will worry in vain. Like about his supposedly dark
deeds, since they slander him – and no more. But when
Francis leaves, his successor will begin to make really
terrible things …

You can also listen to the words of Pastor Benjamin Faircloth
(Benjamin Fairclaun), told them two years ago:

As soon as Pope Francis leaves, the new pontiff will open
the path to the Antichrist, who will quickly spread his power throughout
Earth I don’t know if Francis will retire or die, but he
he told me that he had no more than three to be on the throne
years, since it will go to the house of the Father.

It is very likely that the conspiracyist Tom Horn is right, and the pontiff Francis
will soon retire, and in his place will come
A false prophet who, according to Revelation, will contribute
the accession of the Beast in the world, which marks the beginning
The Apocalypse.

By the way, we note that Saint Malachi was not mistaken in describing the name and
history of a single pontiff. We draw conclusions …

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