The rabbit mystically grew a cross on his forehead

Resident of the English city of Penzance in County Cornwall
claims that a rabbit’s home rabbit named Flaff suddenly
grew a cross on his head. According to Kate Hazel, this happened at
Christmas night. When the woman woke up the next morning,
her daughter Rosa ran into her room and reported an astounding
news. First, the British did not believe it, but then was
amazed when I saw a light cross on the forehead of my cat.

Kate and her family believe that this is a real miracle. And although
many Internet users have suggested that the rabbit just
grew extra winter fur on the head, they can’t explain
why it happened so fast and crosswise.

Hazel’s family is not too religious, but they have no doubt
that they are dealing with something mystical. Maybe a higher power
bless this family and show it to him
by putting a sacred symbol on the animal’s forehead?

Kate assures the web regulars that Flaff will now live in their
royal privilege, since the petty will obviously start
to bring happiness and luck to Hazel

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