The “rake man” was allegedly shot onvideo

The rake man, or rake, is the character of the “scary”
urban folklore, especially in the West. Believed that he
is a thin anthropomorphic creature with long
clawed fingers similar to the teeth of a rake. Hence, such
title. The mythology of this cryptide states that it lives in forests and
goes hunting at night. If someone gets a rake on
eyes, then such a casual traveler is often comprehended by the
unenviable fate.

Представленная ниже videoзапись была получена в начале месяца
a Montreal citizen living near the forest. Canadian
tells that he heard strange sounds at night near his home
and went to make sure no big one came to him
animal. Our hero illuminated his way with a flashlight and shot
what’s happening on the phone’s camera, in order to show what
Record to local wildlife department staff. If to
a bear is nailed to your house, in Canada it is preferable
seek help from specialists than to fight with kosolapym
on their own.

However, what got into the camera eyewitness,
made him wish for a grizzly bear to be better.
At some point, the man suddenly noticed a strange bluish
silhouette, looking out from behind a tree in front. Our hero made a couple more
steps, before I realized that this is the head of an unknown creature!
The landlord did not hesitate for a long time – he immediately turned back
and ran to the house. Only a couple of days later, the mysterious witness
phenomena decided to post the resulting video to the Internet.

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