�”The reanimated cellophane bag” puzzled diverscoast of New Zealand

�”Revived cellophane bag!”
flashed in the minds of 56-year-old Steve Hathaway and 48-year-old
Andrew Battle, went a couple of days ago to dive off the coast
of the New Zealand island of White Island and unexpectedly bumped there
on the striking anomaly.

Mysterious hollow organism or object (who knows what it is
is it?) more than eight meters long sailed under the water, not at all
frightened by the appearance of divers. After thinking a little longer, which means that
better, our heroes have suggested that we are talking about some
unknown official animal science like a giant

Be that as it may, the affected divers captured the monster on
video camera and touched it several times. Friends are convinced
that it is still a living organism, since it is clearly swimming
meaningful trajectory and seems to be slowly squirming and
pulsed. In addition, it narrowed and expanded, stretching
more than ten meters.

Experts who got acquainted with the video below
report: maybe it was a colony of thousands or even millions
tiny living creatures behaving as one. That’s just
which ones, experts are not yet able to explain, since
something similar had never come across before …

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