The rectangular cloud is again noticed aboveby land

The following video was taken at the end of the last
weeks resident of the English city of Cleethorpes. Joe wood
walking along the local promenade and noticed a flat in the sky
cloud almost perfect rectangular shape.

Our heroine hurried to get a smartphone and capture this
celestial anomaly on the gadget camera. Back home, surprised
a woman posted the resulting video in the World Wide Web. Mysterious
frames instantly riveted the attention of thousands of regulars
The internet.

But there is a no less interesting event that happened recently.
Astronauts at the International Space Station took two pictures.
immaculately flat rectangular clouds. If star flyers
receive documentary evidence of such a phenomenon, then
hoax and installation here are clearly excluded.

Many conspiracy therapists believe that this is geo-engineering, then
there is someone purposefully influencing our atmosphere
the planets, resulting in so bizarre clouds.
Most likely, they are only a side effect of such
experiments, not their end in itself.

But we can also recall the theory, which implies reasonable clouds, about
than you can read more on our website. Quite
interesting look, and not based on some speculation and
assumptions when a person, for example, sees (shoots on a gadget)
square cloud and then just fantasizes, but on real
events when cloud formations really showed

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