The remains of a creature similar to Loch Nessmonster thrown on the beach in georgia

The remains of an animal suspiciously similar to the legendary Nessie,
washed up on one of the beaches of the American island of St. Simons in the state
Georgia. Local resident Jeff Warren tells us that he went
the other day with his son in the national marine reserve
�”Wolf Island”, here a man and a boy suddenly noticed on
shore is a striking creature.

At first, eyewitnesses considered that the monster was still breathing, however
then cautiously approached him and realized that the waterfowl
animal does not show signs of life. Warrens captured so
An unusual find on the photo and video, then contacted by local
biologists and journalists.

This strange creature was very much like a miniature copy.
Loch Ness monster – says Jeff.

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