The remains of a strange creature found inChile

The corpse of an incomprehensible creature, remotely similar to a horse with
many sharp teeth found several nights ago on
the outskirts of one of the villages in the Chilean region of Aisen. It scared and
at the same time puzzled people. Many locals glancing at
terrible bones, immediately thought that before them the skeleton of the mythical
chupacabras. According to other eyewitnesses, the mysterious remains
belong to some dinosaur, perhaps not even known
official science.

Anyway, the news of the unusual discovery of Chilean villagers
quickly scattered around the district, soon becoming interested in newspaper and
specialists, in particular cryptozoologists. Reported that
the researchers intend to carefully study the mysterious
skeleton and determine what kind of animal he belongs to. Obviously
that the animal is a predator and, possessing such powerful jaws with
with the sharpest fangs, and therefore, if desired, can easily attack

Meanwhile, some villagers suddenly remembered
half-forgotten legend of a creepy monster with glowing white eyes,
similar to a large dog. Once it was thought that this monster
came from the forest to the village and took with them virgins, who,
presumably, then nibbled. A century ago, local
the girls were so afraid of the appearance of this creature that they tried
to marry immediately after reaching puberty. Can,
it is this bloodthirsty creature that was once laid down
did the legends finally die here? ..

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