The remains of an incomprehensible creature discovered in NewZealand

The remains of a mysterious monster similar to
waterfowl and some bird washed ashore in New

Christchurch resident named Hannah Mary was walking
along the coast after a recent storm and quite by accident
stumbled upon this strange corpse.

At first, the woman considered that there was a plastic film in front of her.
However, coming closer, Hannah was surprised to find that on the sand
the skeleton is covered with dry skin.

The mysterious creature had a long spiked tail,
clawed hind legs, two massive fins, many
rows of small sharp teeth, as well as a beak, like a bird. By
Apparently, such surrealistic creatures are not known
official science.

This is exactly how Mary counted, not disdaining to pick up the remains of the monster.
to my home New Zealand eight times photographed its discovery
from various angles and posted the resulting images on your page
famous social network “Facebook”. Impressive footage, isn’t it?

Some users of the World Wide Web have decided that this is in fact
unknown to orthodox zoology cryptoid. By мнению других, речь
talking about the body of alien origin. Still others are convinced
as if the woman had found the skeleton of some strange mutant.

It is noteworthy that Hannah showed her find to local
veterinarians, taxidermists and fishermen, but they failed
identify the mysterious creature.

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