The researcher Degterev found the legendaryNazi base in Antarctica

Nizhny Tagil conspirologist and virtual archaeologist Valentin
Degterev again spoke of New Swabia – the territory of Antarctica, on
which the Third Reich made claims.

It is believed that in this place is still a secret
military base built by the Nazis during the Second World War.
According to the researcher, Hitler’s legendary impregnable outpost,
may actually exist.

The other day, Valentine made a curious discovery, considering
satellite photos of Antarctica using the map service
�Google Earth. Not far from the coast was
mysterious structure, suspiciously similar to man-made

Recall that, according to unverified data, the Third Reich was throwing
Thousands of imprisoned concentration camps for the construction of a new Shvabiya
secret base. The Germans, they say, used to transport
prisoners and technology giant submarines. Something that looks like
similar submarine, Degterev and found on the satellite photo. Besides
In addition, he discovered on the cliff an alleged base with a yellow dome and
symbol of the imperial eagle. The width of the structure should not be
less than 40 meters.

A frozen submarine of enormous size, frozen in ice, according to
our compatriot, located near the base. Virtual archaeologist
suggests that the Germans, experiencing cold and hunger, were forced
leave Antarctica and blow up the outpost. Of course, completely
destroy it they could not, and the wreckage of a military fortress
still clearly visible even from space.

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