The residents of Murmansk were surprised by spectacular clouds.

Residents of the glorious northern city of Russia Murmansk at the beginning
September surprised and at the same time pleased spectacular clouds in the form
wing waves in the sky.

Scientists explain this fantastically beautiful phenomenon
�”Kelvin-Helmholtz instability,” which is pretty
rarely, and therefore it can be observed at best once in a lifetime, in
worst – only in pictures or video. Such undulating clouds
scientists say they arise from the complex relationship of warm and
cold air flows.

Although to an ordinary person it seems like science fiction,
why on that day Yevgeny Karpukhin (see his photo) first
marveled at the heavenly picture upon seeing such mysterious clouds, and
because he immediately took out a smartphone and captured them on the camera. Here is
what he said by putting a photo on the Internet:

I didn’t even immediately recognize the value of this snapshot, but
when I began to show him to my friends, according to their enthusiastic responses
I realized that the photo is worth it to see as much as possible
people. Maybe someone knows something interesting about these clouds and

Eugene was not mistaken, not all Internet users agree
with the fact that the mysterious formations in the sky can be explained by some
dry scientific theory, the same “instability
Kelvin-Helmholtz “. And how to be with clear visions, some
mysterious signs, images (recently the Americans even the face of Putin
saw among the clouds and frightened him in earnest)?

And how many cases when independent researchers have fixed,
how clouds watch human activity even sometimes
help people in difficult times. That is, these are some reasonable
heavenly creatures. Therefore, any spectacular clouds for some reason
attract our attention, fascinate the mind and even quite often
pushing us to some actions that we are a minute ago
commit and did not think. On the one hand, dry scientific theory, and with
the other is an amazing life full of secrets and hopes for the present

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