The richest people of the United States are preparing for a planetarydisaster building shelters in new zealand

The richest people in the United States seem to know what we do not know.
Recently, Americans with a huge fortune unexpectedly
started buying land and property in New Zealand. Moreover,
they began to build super modern bunkers there –
bomb shelters.

Of course, conspiracy therapists immediately suggested that
fat cats are preparing hard for some kind of global catastrophe. Speech
can go about a nuclear war, the fall to Earth of a meteorite, the approach
the mysterious Nibiru, a terrible epidemic, an artificial uprising
intelligence and similar horrors about which lately
write and speak almost all possible media.

New Zealand seems to attract wealthy
Americans its isolation theoretically able to save
people in the case of the Apocalypse. However, the rich are no longer so
easy to carry out: a huge influx of American here
of money led to the fact that the authorities of New Zealand will be banned soon
time foreigners to acquire real estate.

The island government cannot allow
all the best places here were bought by strangers, and this is very
the right tactic.

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