The Riddle of the Orange, whose pulp began instantlycollapse and become purple

Australian experts in product quality control
power scratching in disbelief after colliding with
unique orange.

A few days ago a resident of Brisbane named Neti Moffitt
purchased fruit from the local market. Back home, our heroine
I decided to feed my 2-year-old son with oranges and cut him
one citrus.

What happened next surprised the woman to the depths of her soul. Pulp
the fetus quickly began to turn a rich, poisonous purple
color and decay literally before our eyes. However, no
the cut fruit did not produce an unpleasant smell.

The shocked Aussie hurried to turn to government
specialists, and the next day they visited her house, taking with them
is a purple orange. Alas, while the experts there failed
solve his secret. Any dyes, pesticides and other
no foreign chemicals were found in the fruit.

Scientists conducted a thorough molecular analysis of the fruit and
again did not find anything remarkable. By all measures
which can be identified in the laboratory is the most
ordinary orange. But, obviously, in reality, everything is different:
common oranges are not known to turn purple
shade and do not begin to decompose immediately after cutting.

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