The river in Argentina unexpectedly acquired redColour

Something unusual happened the other day with the Parana River in South
America Residents of the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires unexpectedly
заметили, как водоток приобрел кроваво-красный Colour всего за одну
night. The water was completely normal on the previous day, however
the next morning was like a horror movie. First
eyewitnesses to this phenomenon immediately turned to law enforcement
authorities, and the police, in turn, asked for help

At the moment, experts are investigating the causes of the incident.
Analysis of water samples taken in the river showed that there are no dyes in Parana
or toxic substances. Therefore, it cannot be about
industrial waste dumped here by some factory.
City employees suggested that they could bloom in the river
algae, however, this guess was not confirmed. Locals
for the time being they ask to stay away from Parana, not to swim in it and
Do not bathe pets here.

Some, the most religious Argentines, are ready to believe
into a real divine miracle. At the same time, researchers
paranormal phenomena build their guesses one another
more fantastic. However, while scientists have not rendered a verdict on this
occasionally, it’s too early to talk about anything, but it seems to be talking about red
the Parana River will not stop even if it turns out that
all the same, residents of the capital Buenos Aires themselves became reddened
this vast waterway is not observed at nearly 4,500 kilometers
along the entire length …

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