The robot first became the leader of living beings

Swiss robotics conducted a unique, sophisticated and
an incredibly curious experiment that surprised them

Specialists from Lausanne put danio fish in aquarium
miniature robot programmed to mimic under water
dwellers. Artificial intelligence successfully studied the behavior of fish
and imitated their habits, and then completely exceeded what was given to him
task, taking the place of the leader of the pack. This is the first in the history of science.
case when the car became the leader of living beings.

The authors of the project took a lot of effort to
teach a tiny car to vibrate, support a variety
rhythms of movement and maneuvering, change the speed of movement and so
Further. At first, artificial intelligence just watched the fish.
Then he began to swim like them, and successfully wedged into the pack. Danio
without difficulty, they took the 7-centimeter robot for their relative. After
This machine itself has complicated the experiment and began to influence
the whole pack, provoke the rest of the fish to swim in the right robot

Experts suggest that in the future such an artificial
intelligence will revolutionize the fishing industry.
It will be enough to launch smart robots into the ocean that will
force the prey itself to swim in the network. Interesting, isn’t it? ..

On the other hand, this experiment proves that robots are easy
self-learn and very quickly capture, and then successfully
apply all their advantages over the natural mind. Remember
the film “Inquiry into the pilot Pirks”, in which the weakness of the robot
manifested in the fact that he was not capable of doubt and
indecision. So, modern machines are easy to learn and this:
make mistakes peculiar to man, show doubts (let
artificially), but this is what allows them to get better and more successful.
be like us than robots and attract people to themselves – and as
say opponents of AI, it just scares the most …

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